Saturday, July 7, 2007

One afternoon...

The sound of the church bells rings throughout the hill, as the wooden door was opened wide. People lined up on the sides as they start to cheer for the couple who wore the brightest smiles.

He, with his funny looking tux and bow, still with that boyish look in his face, all perked up as he held the most precious gift God has given him.

She, with her long trailing veil and a bouquet of orange roses, flushed with admiration and chilled with excitement as she lend her arm to her groom.

Neither could care less about their surrounding.The garlands seemed to float, the flower petals fragant the air, the rice grains and confetti descended and shower them as they walked out of the chapel holding hands towards the path that leads them to the other side of life. Their future.

Another fairy tale wedding, if only I was she...


When I started this project, my main goal was to figure out why other people still stay in a relationship even when they are miserable and broken. But to do that, I have to find someone good enough to be 'my special friend' and help me figure things out.Be a participant, not an observer.

In the process, some of my friends and office mates helped out. Most of them have their share of candidates and recommendations. Their bets and entries to this madness.

So I did entertain them, hoping that within one month I'd find someone.
In the end, one stood me up. The other gave me the creeps. Some, have no time for me.
(more entries about these encounters -- this is fun!)

Although I never had that short term relationship, I learned alot about dating and finding the one.

Realizaion No#1: It's really not them, It's me.

I have put a high price on Love and Relationship. So high, that shrek's happily ever after would pale in comparison.

One of my friends said, "Baka naman asawa ang hanap mo!"

Well, my rebutal to that remark would be a nice miss universe answer at the moment. "I really believe that in a relationship, You just don't pick someone for the sake of having somebody. You find someone whom you could see yourself with in the future." What's the point of wasting your 2yrs, 5yrs, or 10yrs with someone who you don't intend to end up with? Plus it would really be unfair for the other person, if s/he is expecting you to join him/her at the finish line.

But a simple, "E di nag hanap nalang sana ako ng bato - panghilod,pambato sa kaaway at pangpukpok sa ulo, kung asawa ang hanap ko", would shut them up.

I might be hopeless, or you could call me stupid. But I do believe that there are still more out there. I don't have to settle to the first person who bumped into me just because I'm already 23, still single and No Boy Friend Since Birth. (I'd consider that 10yrs after, but not right now.)

Finding the right one is not easy. That could be one of the reason's why other people still seem to hold on to relationships. We always seem to hope and think that this person whom we shared so many special moments and precious events is the one. So we either mold them to what we want him/her to be Or we bend and fold to their every wish and dream. We always fear that he/she mght be the one that got away. =P

But relationship is far more complex that finding the right owner of that glass slipper. You have to deal with the person that comes along with that fitting shoe. So I guess my beliefs aren't as applicable as it is probable. Nevertheless, there's no harm in figuring out who you want to be with in the future before facing the future with someone you haven't figure out. hehehe..

This month I'll be attending weddings. One of it is my "childhood love team's" wedding.

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