Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dating 101

This post is only a reflection of what the author has experienced when it comes to 'DATING'.

1. Research on the person you're going to meet. At least have an idea how he/she looks like, it helps that you're not worrying that he looks like "palito" or "babalu". Know his/her likes and dislikes,so you will have something to talk about.

2. Do not expect so much from the person. Do not expect a classy resto, a car, a gentleman gesture, deep conversation, or who will be paying for the night.

3. There is no reason for you to be rude. You have to sit through the whole date, even if you want to go home and cry.

I have had it with dating! Maybe it's just me, I have set too high standards. Or it's really not the right time.

Hehehe... either way! I'm quitting!
End of June!

Gotta find someone who will put this project into motion. hehehe.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday Rush

Every Monday, around Six o'clock in the morning my DAD drops me off the bus station. There, I wait for the ALABANG - SKYWAY-LAWTON bus to stop and pick up Monday morning rushers. All of us eager to get on the earliest bus to arrive.

While most of us realize that it's still 6am, and we still have a maximum of 2hrs and 30mins to get to Makati or manila, we still fight for that last seat or that empty place in the middle of the bus. Somehow, the timing REALLY is a big deal. I've had experiences where a 5mins difference in departure means 30mins in the real URBAN world. But that's if the bus driver is a road maniac or has had too much coffee for breakfast.

It just amazes me how people rush to get on a bus even if it's already jam packed. They know for sure that there will come another bus, spacious and accommodating enough for all. There wouldn't be any harassments, torture and mental torment. Only catch is you'll have to wait for a minimum of 10mins or worst 1hrs. It could have been better; it's just the waiting part that sucks! Why do the perfect BUS arrives 30 minutes late. Not as if you couldn't wait any longer. It's the idea of uncertainty and the thought of having been left alone - Thinking, you could have gone with the first 3 full bus - that is killing the rushers and making them choose to suffer sudden pain than indefinite agony.

Personally, I think I have longer patience. I think I can wait longer. I just keep asking myself why do I have to rush, when there's nothing too urgent to do. I would definitely arrive earlier than those who live next to the place I'm going. Nobody is pushing me, but myself. RELAX a bit.

Plus, I just have to keep in mind that the more I adjust time backwards to give allowance, the more time I waste waiting. It's really not just a matter of who's early but a matter of timing as well. Why do you have to be early, if you know you couldn't catch the PERFECT bus? Why not arrive in time for the perfect bus?

Every time I wait for that bus I wonder...

In life, do we wait for the PERFECT BUS to arrive or are we too afraid of the uncertainty that we'll hop onto the first trip regardless whether that bus will have stop over or might not journey on to our final destination?

For now, I find it difficult to know if I had chosen the right bus.. Of course I would have been half asleep to notice.

REPOST FROM SNOWWIZARD, a person who's single and still believe that true love comes in a perfect timing. =)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why We Love

I believe in LOVE. But I'm NOT IN LOVE.
I'm single but I'm not looking.
I'm a Hopeless Romantic, but I'm a Rational Pessimist.
I'm not committed but I have commitments.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to write something about the thing that occupies 90% of each person's life. The thing that - as they say - makes the world go around. The gravity that pulls one to another. Deeper than attraction. Better than chemistry.


I'm not a mushy sentimental person, but I do believe in it. In everything that it can do to a person, to one's life and perception.

All my life, I have been living and breathing the wonders and joys of SINGLEHOOD. It's really fun and all, specially when I think about those who are in a 'miserable' state of relationship, unrequited love, or the third party tangled between soulmates. Reaction of each individual towards the relationship is unique and very interesting. It made me wonder.. Am I missing something? Maybe.. just maybe there's more to what the superficial words, written poems or mellow tunes. There's got to be something more.

Maybe it's true that there's a big difference between an observer and a participant. Someone who has experienced the trills and turmoils of being in love and commiting to a relationship.

Hence, from here on.. I pledge to dig deep.
Analyze. Scrutinize. Explore.

Why we love?