Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dating 101

This post is only a reflection of what the author has experienced when it comes to 'DATING'.

1. Research on the person you're going to meet. At least have an idea how he/she looks like, it helps that you're not worrying that he looks like "palito" or "babalu". Know his/her likes and dislikes,so you will have something to talk about.

2. Do not expect so much from the person. Do not expect a classy resto, a car, a gentleman gesture, deep conversation, or who will be paying for the night.

3. There is no reason for you to be rude. You have to sit through the whole date, even if you want to go home and cry.

I have had it with dating! Maybe it's just me, I have set too high standards. Or it's really not the right time.

Hehehe... either way! I'm quitting!
End of June!

Gotta find someone who will put this project into motion. hehehe.

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