Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why We Love

I believe in LOVE. But I'm NOT IN LOVE.
I'm single but I'm not looking.
I'm a Hopeless Romantic, but I'm a Rational Pessimist.
I'm not committed but I have commitments.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to write something about the thing that occupies 90% of each person's life. The thing that - as they say - makes the world go around. The gravity that pulls one to another. Deeper than attraction. Better than chemistry.


I'm not a mushy sentimental person, but I do believe in it. In everything that it can do to a person, to one's life and perception.

All my life, I have been living and breathing the wonders and joys of SINGLEHOOD. It's really fun and all, specially when I think about those who are in a 'miserable' state of relationship, unrequited love, or the third party tangled between soulmates. Reaction of each individual towards the relationship is unique and very interesting. It made me wonder.. Am I missing something? Maybe.. just maybe there's more to what the superficial words, written poems or mellow tunes. There's got to be something more.

Maybe it's true that there's a big difference between an observer and a participant. Someone who has experienced the trills and turmoils of being in love and commiting to a relationship.

Hence, from here on.. I pledge to dig deep.
Analyze. Scrutinize. Explore.

Why we love?

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