Sunday, November 11, 2007

Always Someone Better

I always fancy myself as the type of person who's confidence level is above average. Most of the time I see the glass as Half Full, rather than Half Empty. In a way, I feel confident about myself. But whenever I have this level of confidence, most of the time, someone better comes into the picture. It's not just about blocking my view but more or less the type that pushes me on the sides, leaving me covered with borders and frame design. Get my point?

These kind of things make you review your self worth and status in your own field. Who would have wanted a second rate professional in every line of business? You wouldn't want to have the second best surgeon in the world to operate on your brain right? Mediocracy is something that shouldn't be delt with lightly.

Either way, I'm not left alone. There are still those people who were push beside me. Perhaps they're better than me, but no more shocked as me than when I was pushed behind.

I mean, I don't know about being the best BEST. I really have no say about that. Can't there be someone GOOD left on the sides to attend to those who couldn't afford the best BEST?

Just thinking out loud... Again! =)


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