Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sagittarius (11 November 07)

The Bottom Line
Someone is desperately trying to get your attention. Slow down and let them do it.

In Detail
Today, when you suddenly feel an overwhelming affection for a person who you never even liked all that much, you will be awakened to the powerful force that is your compassion. Existing in a world with people who disagree with you is slowly but surely becoming something you can be comfortable with. The 'live and let live' philosophy rings true, and it can be liberating. Conflict can be a choice -- and it's one you don't have to make if you don't want to.


I had the longest 2hr conversation with him. And if all his stories are true, i'd be really flattered and thankful for everything.

The nega part of me is screaming: "Just think it's too good to be true. Still waiting for the punch line in this joke."

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